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Clean Slate

The ​Clean Slate:​ Our Clean Slate program is a aggressive deletion method that legally deletes and blocks the reporting of all derogatory items on all 3 major credit bureaus, while keeping the positive credit in place. We use a proprietary pre-litigation process which is a permanent deletion method. THIS IS ​NOT A DISPUTE PROCESS. You are still responsible for the debt/obligation of the blocked items, but it will not show up on your credit report. The process usually takes from 30 to 90 business days and positive results are guaranteed with score increases averaging 200 points. The length of time this process takes is determined by a couple of factors. If you have worked with a credit repair company in the last six months or made disputes yourself, it will take more time then if you have not done any disputes on your credit file. We have seen it take as little as 7 days on files with no disputes in the last six months.  Inquiry removal is included in under certain circumstances. ​Contact a credit club agent for a free consolation and pricing. The Follow Items Are Included: Charge Offs Collections Repossessions Foreclosures Tax Liens Discharged Bankruptcies Child Support (Conditioned) Student Loans (Conditioned)   Items Not Included: Any Open Accounts Late Payments Open Bankruptcies


Contact a credit club agent for a free consolation and pricing.

Inquiry Removal

Inquiry Removal ​:​

There are two kinds of inquiries that can occur on your credit report: hard inquiries and soft inquiries. While both types of credit inquiries enable a third party, such as you or a lender, to view your credit report, only a hard inquiry can negatively affect your credit score. Understanding the difference and the impact these inquiries have is one of the first steps to properly managing your credit score. What is a hard inquiry? Hard inquiries generally occur when a financial institution, such as a lender or credit card issuer, checks your credit report when making a lending decision. They commonly take place when you apply for a loan, credit card, or mortgage, and you typically have to authorize them. The most important thing to note is that hard inquiries might lower your credit score by a few points and they may remain on your credit report for two years. As time passes, damage to your credit score usually decreases or disappears, often even before the hard inquiry falls off your credit report. What is a soft inquiry? Soft inquiries typically occur when a person or company checks your credit report as part of a background check. Examples include employer background checks, getting “pre-approved” for credit card offers and checking your own credit score. A soft inquiry may occur without your permission. Soft inquiries may be recorded in your credit report, depending on the credit bureau, but they won’t affect your credit score. Examples of Hard Versus Soft Inquiries While we mentioned some common examples of which financial actions result in a hard or soft inquiry, here are some lesser-known actions that may incur a credit inquiry.

Hard Inquiries-


    • Applying for an auto loan, student loan, business loan or personal loan
    • Applying for a credit card
    • Applying for a mortgage
    • Applying to rent an apartment
    • Verification of identity by a financial institution, such as a credit union or stock brokerage
    • Renting a car
    • Getting a cable or Internet account


  • Requesting a credit limit increase
  • Getting a cell phone contract
  • Collection Agencies


Soft Inquiries-


  • Checking your own credit score
  • Pre-approved credit card and loan offers
  • Background check, such as those done by employers


  • Renting a car
  • Getting a cable or Internet account
  • Opening a checking, savings or money market account

Inquires that can be deleted:

  1. Did not result in a New Credit Account being opened.
  2. Is not from one of you​​​​​r existing Creditors with whom you have an Open Account.
  3. Is not from one of our Credit Partners used when we pull Tri-Merge Credit Reports.

Typical Completion Time:  3 to 6 Weeks, although Equifax and/or Experian can take little as 3 Days. ​



All Inquiries Last 3 Months for $799 Flat Fee. All Inquiries Last 6 Months for $899 Flat Fee. All Inquiries Last 12 Months for $1,499 Flat Fee. All Inquiries Last 24 Months for $1,799 Flat Fee.

Authorize User Tradelines

Authorized User Tradelines? What is an Authorized User Tradeline? For over two decades, authorized user tradelines have been one of the most effective methods for building credit. A seasoned authorized user tradeline​ is a credit card in which the borrower has held good standing for a long period of time, typically two years or more. “Seasoned” simply implies that the account is aged or that it has an established history. This creditworthy borrower adds a third party as an authorized user of his ​or her ​lines of credit, but does not actually provide the third party with materials (credit cards, account numbers, etc.) that would permit the third party to make charges​ or changes​ against the account​. ​How Do Authorized Users Benefit My Credit? ​ The benefit to the third party is​ ​that he or she inherits the perfect history of the borrower, which causes an increase in the third party’s score. In some cases, this can equal up to 250 points. This does not change the third party’s entire credit record, but merely increases the credit score,​thus allowing the third party to qualify for new credit that he or she would not previously have qualified for without the seasoned tradeline’s assistance. Credit Club has carefully selected the most premium and highly effective tradelines in the credit enhancement industry to give our clients the results they need. Contact A Credit Club agent for pricing and a list of our life changing inventory

Rapid Rescoring

Rapid Rescoring: Having the correct information recorded on your credit reports and given to the credit bureaus plays a major part your credit score. The credit score is basically and algorithm that calculates payments, history, balances, and limits into a rating that’s called The Fico or Credit score. However, quite often that score does not represent a real picture of your credit report. Credit Club has formulated a method that expediently forces the credit bureaus with 7 days to update the information and data on all of your accounts and balances to get your credit score to reflect a true picture of your credit report. This can greatly improve your score and in some cases increases scores by up to 200 points. Most candidates that need Rapid Rescoring are individuals that are in the process of buy a home, in the process of getting business or personal funding, or just need to maximize the scores for personal reasons. Feel Free to contact your Credit Club agent for details.

Credit Concierge

Credit Concierge:  Credit Club Concierge Service provides each and every one of our members with the peace of mind that comes from  having good credit and keeping that good credit. Statistics show more that more than 70% of individuals who decide to undergo credit repair end up with bad credit again shortly after the repair. This is largely due to lack of knowledge of how to maintain their good credit once they have it back and what it takes to keep improving their score year after year. Everyone has bad days and every credit score will take a hit now and then; the important thing is to know how to minimize the impact of those negative events and how to quickly get back on the right track. Far too few people know how to do this. Our Credit Concierge will give you unlimited access to your own concierge to guide you in the right direction to reach your financial goals. From buying a home to purchasing a new vehicle or just a simple question about credit scores, your Credit Club Concierge will always be by your side each and every step of the way. Some of our ​concierge ​services: Home buying preparation Car loan assistance How and where to apply for a  credit card or loan Discounted rates on all of our services Free monthly credit updates Unlimited Credit Concierge access Discounted car rental Discounted rates on travel Free hotel booking and dinning reservations Please contact a Credit Club agent for details, warranties, and limitations on all of our services.


Silver Club –

  • Free Consultation
  • Clean Slate
  • Concierge Service (No Public Records)

Gold Club –

  • Free Consultation,
  • Clean Slate
  • Credit Concierge Service,
  • 1 Aged Authorize User Accounts
  • Up to 2 Public Records

Platinum Club –

  • Free Consultation
  • Clean Slate
  • Credit Concierge Service
  • 2 Aged Authorize User Accounts
  • 2 Primaries Accounts
  •  Up to 3 Public Records

Diamond Club –

  • Free Consultation
  • Clean Slate
  • Credit Concierge Service
  • 3 Authorize User Accounts
  • 2 Primary Accounts
  • Re-builder Package
  • Monthly Credit Updates
  • Credit Maintenance
  • Unlimited Public Records

Contact a credit club agent for a free consolation and pricing.